Thursday, 27 October 2011

About Me

I live in Wing village with my partner Mark, teenage children Holly and George, an aging whippet Tiffany and Syd the Lurcher . Walking the dogs is a daily routine that is often the starting point for ideas. I work from small sketchbooks, noting down quick drawings of what I see while out walking. I then take these to the studio and enlarge them on canvas or develop them into prints.  As well as Rutland Mark and I also spend a lot of time in North Norfolk, were Mark keeps his boat. We also take advantage of the locations of many of my galleries to visit varies parts of the country. Cornwall, Suffolk and Shropshire are place we visit most often and these places are reflected in my work.
My studio looks out over the Rutland landscape, the main theme of my work is British birds combined with the British countryside.  I have always loved birds; even at primary school I carried round a small orange suitcase that contained my feather collection. This love and fascination with birds has stayed with me, I do not consider my self a twitcher, the interest I have with birds is for their form and the setting they inhabit. The paintings and prints I make are an attempt to capture a glimpse of the atmosphere they evoke.
I studied Fine Art at Leicester 1979 -82 and later obtained an MA in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University. After leaving collage I continued to develop my work as well as working in the arts. I was Director of Leicester Print Workshop and previous to this worked for Elstone Hayes Associated an art consultancy working in the cruise industry. I have also taught to degree level at a number of Higher Education Colleges, I now work solely at my art practice.

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