Friday, 3 August 2012

Wing Telephone Art Box

Wing village adopted the telephone box from BT when the phone was taken out several years ago . For some time it has been looking very sorry for itself and definitely in need of fresh paint. Mark my partner came up with the idea of using it as an art's venue ! He wrote to the parish council for their permission to launch the first event. This we did on June 23rd with an actor friend of ours Philip Norman who performed Alan Bennett's "A Chip The Sugar" which is on of his talking heads monologues. It was absolutely brilliant . Phillip is a great actor and had the 70 people who turned up spell bound. He used the phone box to make a couple of costume changes and the audience sat with nibbles and the odd bottle of
wine on the grass around the box. At the end of the performance we passed around a bucket which raised £260 plus we were given sponsorship from our local pub The Kings Arms, our local farm shop and Wing Hall cafe. We paid £48 to Mr Bennett for the use of the play, contribution to  the actor and the rest went toward restoration of the box. We were then able to get the box repainted and repaired .  Many thanks to Francis and Robert for their contribution for the paint. I contacted Richard Coltman who has a website dedicated to the British Telephone box. He was very generous in the information he gave about the correct paint needed. If you want to learn more about your phone box it is a great website to have a read through
On July 20th we had event 2, Henry Jones a local singer and song writer only 18 but defiantly heading for great things. Over 80 people came and sat with picnics and drinks and all seemed to love the evening (no rain ). We also included an art auction to raise more funds. I asked 3 other artists in the village, Mary Rodgers, Ian Newsham and Alison Seviour  to contribute post card size paintings which we framed up and half way through the evening had a very exciting auction selling the work at £30 - £210 per work . I do thank the artist and all those who have made these events such great fun - We look forward to the next which will be in September - date to be announced.

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